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Panchakshri Manthram


Holly Five Symbols of Panchakshari Manthram


The Panchakshari Manthram is know in five holy Symbols, that is the supreme mantra for all the shiva devotees. The Five Symbols used in this Manthram are


Na   Mah  Shi   Va   Ya


The meaning of this Manthram as described by puranas is abound less and ultimate, and described it in an elaborated manner. A simple meaning for this Shiva means auspiciousness and perfection. It refers to the god who is perfect without any kind of dependence.


           Namah Shivaya States that “ Pranamams to the auspicious and perfect god. This holy mantra is the heart of Vedas. It is the core of very famous chapters of Vedas such as Shata Rudriyam , Rudra Suktham. Namah Shivayacha Shivatarayacha. Meaning of which is I salute to the god shiva who is every thing in the universe.


This mantra could be chanted as it is as panchAkshara or could be chanted along with the praNava (aum) as shaDAkshara mantra (Om Namah Shivaya). In fact it is to be noted that praNava itself is panchAkshara mantra (akara, ukara, makara, bindhu, nAtham).


We tend to become what we keep thinking about", when one chants the Sacred panchakshara that hails the God as Perfection and Auspicious, it would take one towards that Blissful Perfection. It takes to the union with the Supreme God. What else can be more rewarding! Even the worst sinner would get corrected and get to the glorious states if chants this mantra



Full of love, with melting heart, tears brimming, one who chants leading them to the Glorious path, the name that is the real essence of the four Vedas is the mantra Namah Shivaya.



                                PraNava mantra (AUM) –


The mantra that is held very sacred by all Hindus is the mantra Om also called praNava mantra. This mantra is part of every worship. This mantra is hailed in scriptures of various languages. Vedas - the Holy Scripture - is chanted always after chanting this mantra and always concluded with this mantra.

PraNava is the primal sound that existed before the creation and the sound that stays after the praLaya. This is the nAtharUpa - the Form of sound, of the Supreme Luminance. This mantra Om refers to none other than God. The great yogis meditate in this mantra as the path to Eternal Bliss of the Formless Nameless God !

The praNava has five parts. They are akara, ukara, makara, bindhu, and nAtham. (Aum). Consequently this is also one of the glorious panchAkshara mantra (1).

The scriptures that explain the glory of this praNava mantra are quite many. However the significant one is from the skandha purANa. It is a well-known purANic event that skandha described the real meaning of the praNava mantra to God shiva. In the above mentioned episode of skandha purANa the sage vAmadeva seeks the boon from Lord skandha to tell him too that description. Lord skandha who was pleased with the devotion of sage vAmadeva told him that great secret.(2)