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Tripurasura samharam a story of destruction of evil.


This is the story of tretayuga. There was an intelligent sage gritasmada. Once that sage had a very big cough. From that came a child. The main ambition of the child was to conquer the three worlds and to defeat indra. To change his mind the sage told that child to worship lord ganesha. he chanted the mantra of lord ganesha.. lord ganesha pleased with his devotion offered him boon, ganesha said to the child that “I will give you three cities made of gold, silver and iron, only lord shankara can defeat you and with one arrow all the three cities can be destroyed. With this boon tripurasura defeated all the kings of the earth, and all the gods of the heaven. He had two sons he gave the kingdom of lord bramha to one son and the kingdom of lord Vishnu to the other son. Narada advised all the gods to pray ganesha. Ganesha appeared before the gods and said that only lord shankara can defeat tripurasura. After that ganesha went to tripurasura in guise of a Brahmin. He said to tripurasura that ‘ O King iam the master of 64 arts. Tripurasura said that show me your arts if iam pleased with your arts I will give you what ever you want.


Ganesha said that I will give you three planes through which you can go any where in the world and you can fulfill any desire. Only lord parmeshwara can destroy them. With this tirpurasura became very pleased and asked Ganesha to ask him any thing in the world. Ganesha asked the idol of chintamani which was with lord shiva. Shiva refused to give that idol to  tripurasura, and there started a war between lord shiva and tripurasura. Lord Shiva destroyed all the three buildings , planes with a single arrow,

Description of the chariot used in the war between Lord Shiva and Tripurasura.


Prithvi was the chariot, sun and moon was the wheels, bramha was the charioteer, meru was the bow and Vishnu was the arrow.


When Shiva released the arrow there was a lot of lighting emitted from it, by seeing the light tripurasura got fainted and the arrow destroyed all the three cities, the asuras athma came out of the body in the form of jyothi and entered Lord Shiva.





Lord shiva pushupathi appears before the devotes as they call him. Some of the stories relating to this are narrated here.


A little child was sitting near a bank of river, while his father was taking bath in the river. His father was immersed in the water, the child became frightened, and shout father father. Listing to this lord Shiva immediately came to that child by sitting on nandhishwara. He is the father of the universe, he asked the mother of the universe to give milk to crying Child, later on the child acquired great knowledge and became great saint, and have written so many slokas on lord shiva and the goddess Parvathi.


One story  from Linga Puram where Shiva granted the designation of Ganapatya and two oceans Of Milk and Curd.


Upamanyu was a brilliant child, he was drinking milk, he cousin snathched milk from him. He started crying, he went to his mother and narrated the whole incident and she gave him a solution of powdered grains, but Upamanyu don’t want any thing other than milk. His mother said to him that – you should get satisfied with what ever you get. She also said that perhaps may in the our previous life we might not have prayed lord Shiva that is the reason for our difficulties. Hearing this Upamanyu went to Himalayas to perform tapas. He continued his tapas as a result of that there araised a unbearable heat, the deities approached Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu understood the reason of such unbearable heat asked Lord Shiva for the help. Lord shiva wanted to test the Devotion of Upamanyu, he disguised himself in the form of Indra and went to Upamanyu.

He started abusing Shiva which made Upamanyu very angry, he tried to kill him and failed. Then he tried to himself. Which made Shiva pleased and then Reaveled his identity, he granted the designation of ganapatya and also a ocean of milk and curd.


Shiva has five faces one of them is sathyoojaatham .   Vedas define lord Shiva as Sathyoojatham which means appearing immediately as soon as his devotees call him.